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TTV Transport - International Truck Transport

TTV Transport is the largest ground transport company in the Czech Republic, owning a fleet of vehicles that provide transportation of goods to northern Europe (especially to Sweden) and back. The company, controlled by Josef Hlaváček since its foundation, also regularly dispatches trucks to southern and western Europe.

Transportation services are organized by an experienced well coordinated team, managed by Mr Dvořák. We offer a service in which all customs and other shipment related documents, including booking ferry and transport can also be arranged to anywhere, including areas which are not usually covered by our fleet.


Scandinavia specialists

TTV Transport has become the most important Czech connection to the north.
In addition, we also transport wide range of goods all over Europe from Lisbon to Athens.

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Strong fleet of reliable vehicles

TTV Transport owns more than 120 vehicles. Reliable and safe transportation is ensured through long-term cooperation and the vehicles are regularly serviced and inspected in our own workshop.

The whole fleet of vehicles
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Safety first!

Fresh and rested drivers with high quality vehicles are our priorities to provide a transport service without accidents.

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