Claim settlement – damaged goods

If a shipment has been damaged, or partially or fully lost during transportation, the haulier must be immediately informed and the following steps must be taken:

  • The haulier's agent (dispatcher) must be informed in writing.
  • Photographs must be taken at the unloading site (preferably in the vehicle along with the vehicle's license number).
  • A record of the claim must be written on a free form and signed by the driver.
  • The claim reservation must be made – entry in the CMR consignment (in case of international transportation).
  • The damaged goods must not be further processed, repaired, sold etc. as it will be assessed by the claim adjuster of the haulier's insurance company.

The TTV Company is insured for all occurrences of damage or loss and it will report all occurrences of damage or loss to its insurance company immediately after they have received the claim, the records and the photographs. We always do our best to solve the situation as promptly as possible in order to satisfy the customer.

The following can be claimed:

  • If a shipment is damaged, adequate and necessary repair costs can be claimed in order to bring the shipment back to its original state including the costs for disassembly and assembly. The price of marketable and usable parts that are replaced shall be deducted from these costs. If the damaged shipment is not repaired and is usable for the original purpose even when damaged, the sender shall have the right to be indemnified to the amount that equals the difference between prices before and after the damage. The price of the damaged shipment shall be determined by an expert opinion or it shall be equal to the proceeds of sale of the damaged shipment, provided that the sender agrees for the shipment to be sold.

  • The real value of the shipment (excluding the profit of the shipment's owner) at the time of acceptance of the shipment for transportation when the shipment is destroyed or lost, or the real value of its part, when only a part of the shipment is destroyed or lost.

  • In case of late delivery which occurs when a shipment is not handed over at the agreed time or if a delivery time has not been agreed and if the actual transportation period exceeds time that can be expected from a dutiful haulier, considering the circumstances and in the case of part loads especially the time required for getting the shipment together.