What affects the transportation price

The price of road transportation is affected by several factors. In general, it can be said that the following factors have the greatest influence on the transportation price:

  • the size (volume) and weight of the freight
  • date of delivery – standard, express

the transportation price is also affected by other factors, namely by:

  • packaging type – stored/not stored on pallets
  • loading type – standard sideward loading, loading using a crane etc.
  • ordering date or timeliness
  • destination – according to the preferences or orientation of the haulier regarding specific destinations (Scandinavia, western Europe, eastern Europe, the Baltics etc.).
  • seasons – beginning of the year, holidays, Christmas etc.

The resulting price of road transportation depends on the total distance travelled – the price for one kilometre decreases along with the distance travelled. All fees for using roads, highways, bridges etc., both in the Czech Republic and abroad must also be added to the total price.

The price includes insurance of goods against loss or damage during the transport in accordance with the CMR convention. Especially for LTL (Less Than Truck Load) transportation, the dimensions and weight of the goods is very important for determining the price and performing the transportation.

We can also offer a transportation price including storing your goods. Our dispatchers will gladly calculate the transportation price according to your demands within 24 hours.

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