Foundation of the TTV Transport company

The TTV Transport Company was founded thanks to a childhood dream of Josef Hlaváček, who wished to have a Volvo truck one day in the future.
A lot of determination and especially support from family was required to pursue that dream.

Mr. Hlaváček became a bus and truck mechanic, then he left to do his military service,
where he became driver of a garrison commander, with whom he travelled all over Europe.

After his military service and the Velvet Revolution, he gained experience as a truck driver.
There was a single step left to buying a truck and founding the project Josef Hlaváček - TTV (Truck Transport Volvo).

His first Volvo F12 was named Arabela. It has already driven thousands of  kilometres and waiting for hours at the borders
but it is still parked at the premises of the company as a reminder of the difficult beginnings.

Historic milestones of TTV Transport

Foundation of the Josef Hlaváček TTV Company,
buying the first Liaz truck.

The first Volvo F12 Globetrotter was purchased
thanks to the support of the family.

The company has six employees,
Josef Hlaváček quits active truck driving
in order to manage the company full-time.


Relocation of the company
to the Municipal authority in Záměl.


Purchase of the Svazarm
(Union for Cooperation with the Army)
premises in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.

The fleet has 17 vehicles and the company
moves to new offices and service facilities
in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. 


Introduction of the software D3K
for the operation of the dispatching centre
and of the economic facilities.

Purchase and reconstruction of premises
in Kostelec nad Orlicí.
Foundation of the companies
TTV Spedice and TTV Servis.


The company TTV Servis provides service activities
for TTV transportation. Foundation of the company TC-HK.
Termination of the activities in the company Josef Hlaváček - TTV
and starting activities in the company TTV Spedice.

Building of a vehicle wash
for trucks in Kostelec nad Orlicí.


Acquisition of the company TPL Trading,
moving all employees to the reconstructed
premises in Kostelec nad Orlicí.
Foundation of company T-air.

Registration of the TTV Group trademark.

Great renewal and expansion of the fleet,
110 vehicles in total.


Fleet expansion to 120 vehicles.