TTV Hlaváček

It all started with a little boy's dream: „One day I will have a Volvo truck!”

If you really, really desire something, your dreams and wishes may come true.
The company TTV was founded when the first Volvo truck was purchased,
and today we own over 120 trucks, which have been possible to be regularly
seen on the roads of Europe for 25 years.
Josef Hlaváček

Company values


TTV Transport puts its trust in well maintained Volvo trucks that have become a symbol of safety.
Our well-trained drivers adhere to the required rest stops in providing a high level of service and transportation.

Uniqueness and good attitude

Since the company was founded in 1991, we have been searching for new and original solutions in the field of transportation.
We cooperate mostly with forwarding companies. Good attitude and loyalty are our company values.


A modern, well maintained and well organized fleet and management system
ensure flexibility to react to all customer needs and changes.


We constantly strive for improving the quality of our services and the productivity of our company
while having the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as our main objective.

Numbers that we remember


Josef Hlaváček stopped dreaming,
bought his first Volvo and founded TTV.


The number of our vehicles that you can
meet on European roads today.


The number of companies in the TTV Group
that provide the complete TTV transport operation.


The number of TTV Transport employees
who provide trouble-free operation.


The number of major customer long term
contracts for which TTV have provided support.

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